Web Ltd is now venturing in the world of 3D with highly skilled experts at the helm.


3D Imaging at Web Ltd

The leader in the Indian Ocean when it comes to web development and SEO marketing, Web Ltd is now venturing in the world of 3D with highly skilled experts at the helm. The agency makes it a must to pay the greatest attention to detail, respecting customer requirements about 3D graphics all while creating a final work worth of praise.

Why do you need 3D Graphics?

Any type of image you may have need of, we will make sure that it is eye catching and suitable for its function. The magic of 3D graphics is that it makes something flat become more than real in a jiffy. This eases the way for visualization of your project and will be of great help in moving forward. For example, your architect will give you only 2D basic drawings for your project as an outcome, whereas 3D will give the exact feeling of how your project will look like after realization.

How 3D became the to-have of 2016:

Three-dimensional technology, popular as 3D Tech, is the new wave that swooped people off their feet. Originated from stereoscopy, 3D refers to the natural way the human eyes and brain create the impression of a third dimension visual of the picture or even landscape. This leads to assuming different perspectives of depth and solidity.

With the aid of information technology, our inborn talent is further manipulated to better the three-dimensional effect of the scene.

3D animation is thus the next big thing to enter the market. Nothing entices the client quicker than a plan coming to life in front of their very own eyes.

3D models led to the amazing visuals of Avatar, the movie, enchanting millions of viewers around the world. It gives you the same opportunity to attract customers in your own field, whether it is through animating a 2D model or through advertising a product.

We are ever committed to meeting your needs…

To meet these expectations, Web Ltd has diversified from what it has been an expert in since than two decades. Moving in on the market created by the demand for 3D graphics, the now 3D Agency is prepared to provide the best service in the field as well as satisfying your SEO needs.

Why should you opt for CGI (Computer Generated Imagery):

CGI allows rather realistic and precise images of your project before the actual realization. The project can be more easily interpreted. The models as well as the look of your project (such as: walls color, floor textures, etc…) can be changed without great inconvenience and at low cost even after realization of the 3D model. This permits a greater leeway than when operating with tangible models which have to be manufactured from scratch.

Why is 3D better than plain designs?

3D modeling is the technique of developing the mathematical representation of the three-dimensional surface of any object. This is stored as technical data on the computer and can be visually displayed into a 2D image through rendering.

Virtual 3D models can be rendered into a 3D physical representation. This can be achieved by a process called 3D printing. 3D models and prints have been extensively used in films, games, animation, textile, designing and architecture.

Using 3D modeling, a better perception, more in depth, can be obtained about buildings, irrespective of the type. Flaws that are usually left out during the course of the layout can be easily omitted thanks to easier revisions in design and RFI’s, thus leading to perfection.