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The new web trends 2018: Dare creativity

As everyone knows, the digital world is constantly evolving from year to year, and 2018 is no exception, far from it! Take advantage of the latest innovations and web trends to bring it up to date. Here’s what will mark 2018 in web design.

1. Animation and interactivity

As we all know, customer experience is becoming increasingly important and redefines sales standards and marketing strategies. Today, it’s no longer enough to praise the quality of your products and services to attract customers. It is now necessary to know how to capture the interest, and I would even say the imagination of customers, to offer them multi-sensory experiences that will captivate them.
This new desire on the part of customers to take part in personalized experiences has been heard by web designers and that is why the animation and interactivity of websites are at the center of their strategy.
Changing colors, shapes, position and even photos: everything is possible. Everything is done to offer customers and Internet users an artistic experience that will charm them.
One of the innovations that will likely resonate with many people is without a doubt the Parallax effect. The latter has the particularity of creating an effect of depth to the different pages of your site. But if you want to stay simple then bet on graphic effects and trends.

2. The contribution of the video

As we have already mentioned in one of our previous articles, video will be an important and even a determining factor in marketing strategies in 2018. More than ever, this means of communication will be the key to exploit to seduce your customers.
This will be the perfect time to be creative and innovative. Surprise people while working on your brand and your notoriety. Attract attention while giving relevant information. That’s the challenge for this new year.

3. Online Shop

Already present on the web for a few years, online stores are still relevant as online shopping continues to increase. Having a showcase in the world of the web where it is possible to expose its products and sell them becomes a must for almost all businesses.
The benefits are many. As a first step, this gives you the opportunity to sell your products at any time of the day and night and to offer additional products during a purchase made by a customer.
Another important fact is that it also gives you a bank of information about your customers thanks to which you can then send them information about your promotions through a newsletter.

Web Trends: Dare to change

In 2018, things move a lot and you will have to do the same to stay in the race. The market is tough and companies will stop at nothing to get their share of the pie. Use creativity and dare to innovate with new web trends!