Web Development Mauritius: What Is HTML?


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup symbols or codes added to a file, programmed for display on the internet. It is largely used as computer standard language in the creation of  Web pages. To understand HTML in Mauritius from front to back, let us look at each word that makes up the abbreviation:

  • Hypertext: text that is structured in order to connect related items.
  • Markup : a style guide for typesetting anything to be printed in hardcopy or soft copy format.
  • Language : a language that a computer system understands and uses to interpret commands.

HTML  describes the structure of web pages. This structure alone is not enough to make a web page look good and interactive.  With the combination of assisted technologies such as CSS and JavaScript you can make a dynamic and beautiful static web page.

You can look at HTML CSS and JavaScript this way:

  • HTML is the structure of the house
  • CSS is the interior and exterior décor
  • JavaScript is the electricity, water system and many other functional features that make the house liveable.


HTML defines the mark up of a specific web  page. There are tags to create headings, paragraphs, bolded words, italicised words and more.


An element usually has an opening tag, a character, the content, and a closing tag and give information about  the content they hold. Some elements are empty  that is they do not have a closing tag. But instead have a source or a link to the content that you want to insert on the web page.


<!Doctype html> : Species that we are using HTML 5 in this code. When ‘html’ is written in the code, the browser automatically presumes that you are coding in HTML5.

< html > < / html > : the root or top-level element of every HTML document.
< head > < / head > : one of the most  vital parts of the HTML document.
< meta / >: this is an empty element that conveys meta information about the page.
< title > < / tittle >  : this defines the title of the page.  It is always shown in the browser tab.
< body > < / body > : all the content of the HTML  document is located inside the body tag.


  • You can create a website or customize an existing web template
  • For a web designer , HTML and CSS designing is an important skill
  • If you want to optimise your website, to boost its speed and performance, it is worth knowing HTML to yield best results.
  • If you understand HTML, other connected technologies like JavaScript, php, or angular become more easy to understand.

HTML is a must for working professionals, specially when they are working on Web Development Domain.

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