Web Design Mauritius; How to choose the best Google Ad Keywords for your next campaign

Once you have planned your Google Ads Campaign settings and drafted your ad groups, you must add Google Ads Keywords, another key factor in your ads’ skill to capture user interest and cause an impact.

Keyword in terms of Google Ads are words and phrases that you link to each of your ad groups on the basis of their topic groupings. These keywords conform to the words and phrases searched on the user’s end, which will spark your ads if matched appropriately.


First, let us see the characteristic of a valuable Keyword on Google Ad Grant Platform:

High Search Volume

Our Google Adds Keywords must have a high monthly search volume to give us a better possibility of increasing more users.

Topic Specificity

Dividing your ad campaigns into as many logical ad groups as possible. This helps you group related keywords and write ads around a common theme. Each ad also contains the landing page you want to take users to after they click. Each group should be tied to the goal of the campaign.

Appearance in your Ad’s Landing Page

Technically, most of the Google Ads Keywords that you connect with a particular ad actually appear in the landing page that your ad links to. While this is not necessarily possible, it should be your goal to create a user journey from search term to landing page, so that your users never feel as if they have been taken in by your Ad.


Google Trends

Trends eliminates repeated searchers from the same person over a short period to give you a better picture. Use Google trend to pull out your professionalized vocabulary and to connect with your demographic.

Existing Queries

You can use Google Search Console or the acquisition report in Google Analytics to see which search terms are already bringing users to your site.

Your website

Scan your own site content for keywords and phrases that you can include in your Google Ads account. Ideally, the landing pages you are driving users to with your Google ads include rich copy and clear CTAs, and feature or spark ideas for ideal keywords.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

You can also use the in-platform Google Ads Keyword Planner to find out what keywords your competitors are using on their website.

Competition Keywords

Use tools like iSpionage and Similarweb to see which keywords competitors or similar organizations are bidding on.

Note that it is never a good idea to blindly copy your competitors and competing directly with them for keywords. Once you are aware of what they are focusing on, you may be able to clarify what your own business needs to focus on.

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