Web Mauritius Agency: Web Development Vs Web Designer: Which Is Right For You?

How do we distinguish between a web designer and a web developer? It is very simple; it requires two completely different skill sets. Some companies offer both, that is, the two different experts working in combination with one another to produce the end result.

Let us go into more detail to help you find the technique that is right for you:


Website development : is the building and maintenance  of websites by using a variety of coding languages. There is few different type of web developers:

Full Stack Web Development: A developer that works on both the back-end (server side) and front-end (client side) of a website.

Front-end Web Development: A developer that works only on the front-end portion of the site. They are concerned only with the graphical interface.

Back-end Web Development: A developer that works only on the back-end of the website. They are only concerned with servers, applications, and databases.

Let us focus on front-end development:

This type of developer will need to employ an immense toolkit to make sure that the web page is precisely displayed and also responsive.

A web developers’ primary goal is to produce a design in the most effective, and accurate way possible. They are focused primarily on performance and problem solving. Their role is to accurately translate a designer’s vision to the web such that it works perfectly and flawlessly.


Website design is the visual layout of a web page or pages.  It is the process of creating web pages and their visual elements to make the page looks beautiful and performs well.  They utilize tools such as Invision, Adobe XD, and Adobe Photoshop to create layouts and designs that make web pages lively.

Web designs are usually responsible for the following:

Information Architecture: Architecture is all about the structure of the website.  It outlines the types of information and pages that will be needed on a website to ensure appropriate templates are built and user flows are accounted for.

Wireframes: Wireframes are sketches of page layout. It is just a layout of elements on a page without images or graphics.

Designs: Once the wireframes are complete, a web designer will create a visual version of pages for review. During these stages, you will see web pages with colors, fonts, and brand standards.

Nevertheless, it is much more common for a web designer to hand over the code-free design files to a developer for implementation.

Do you need a web developer or a web designer?

It is usually a combination of both. If you do not have a website you will need to employ a web designer. Then a web developer will implement layout and design of these pages.

Web Agency  Mauritius  is a versatile, reliable agency that provides both web design and website development services.  They have the ability to work as a comprehensive resource to provide designs and development or to plug in as needed to work collectively with an existing team.