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WEB COMPANIES MAURITIUS : From Coral Reefs to SERPs : Dominating the Digital Market with SEO in Mauritius

Nestled in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is renowned for its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and breathtaking coral reefs. Beyond its natural beauty, the island nation is also making waves in the digital realm, with businesses harnessing the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to conquer the online landscape. In this article, we explore how SEO in Mauritius is transforming the digital market, drawing parallels between the thriving coral reefs and the competitive world of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

The SEO Ecosystem: Much like the diverse ecosystems that flourish within Mauritius’ coral reefs, the SEO landscape is a dynamic environment where websites compete for visibility and relevance. In this digital ecosystem, keywords serve as the colorful coral formations, providing a foundation for websites to anchor and thrive. SEO experts in Mauritius carefully curate these keywords to ensure that businesses align with the interests and search queries of their target audience.

Cultivating Digital Relevance: Just as coral reefs are essential for the survival of marine life, digital relevance is crucial for online businesses. SEO strategies in Mauritius focus on creating high-quality content that not only attracts search engines but also engages and informs the audience. By producing valuable content, businesses enhance their online presence, establishing themselves as authoritative figures in their respective industries.

Navigating the SEO Currents: Mauritius’ ocean currents play a vital role in maintaining the health of its coral reefs. Similarly, SEO experts in Mauritius must navigate the currents of search engine algorithms, which are constantly evolving. Staying abreast of these changes ensures that websites remain visible and accessible to the target audience. Adapting SEO strategies to algorithm updates is the key to riding the digital currents and staying ahead in the online race.

Link Building: The Digital Ecosystem’s Symbiosis: In coral reefs, symbiotic relationships between different species contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem. Similarly, SEO in Mauritius emphasizes the importance of link building, creating symbiotic connections between websites. Quality backlinks from reputable sources enhance a website’s credibility and authority, signaling to search engines that the content is valuable and trustworthy.

Local SEO: Nurturing the Digital Coral Gardens: Just as conservation efforts aim to protect Mauritius’ coral gardens, local SEO strategies focus on nurturing the digital presence of businesses within the local community. Optimizing for local search queries and leveraging tools like Google My Business helps businesses in Mauritius attract nearby customers, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.

Conclusion: In the digital landscape of Mauritius, SEO serves as the anchor for businesses seeking to thrive amidst the competitive currents of SERPs. Drawing inspiration from the island’s coral reefs, SEO experts cultivate the digital ecosystem, navigating evolving algorithms, building symbiotic relationships, and nurturing local relevance. As Mauritius continues to enchant visitors with its natural wonders, businesses are enchanting online audiences through strategic SEO practices, ensuring a vibrant and flourishing digital presence. In this fusion of nature and technology, Mauritius emerges not only as a paradise on Earth but also as a digital haven for businesses harnessing the power of SEO.

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WEB DESIGN AGENCY MAURITIUS : The Psychology Of Color In Web Design: How To Choose The Right Palette For Your Website

As the saying goes, “first impressions matter.” When it comes to websites, the first thing that catches a visitor’s eye is the color scheme. The right combination of colors can evoke emotions and create a mood, which can greatly influence a user’s perception of a website. This is where the psychology of color in web design comes in.

In this article, we will explore the psychology of color in web design and how to choose the right color palette for your website.

Understanding the psychology of color

Colors can evoke different emotions and feelings. For example, red can evoke passion, excitement, and urgency, while blue can evoke calmness, trust, and professionalism. Web designers can use this knowledge to influence users’ perception of a brand and encourage them to take certain actions.

Choosing the right color palette for your website

When choosing a color palette for a website, web agency in Mauritius consider several factors, including the brand’s personality, target audience, and the website’s purpose. Here are some tips on how to choose the right color palette for your website:

  1. Consider your brand’s personality

Your brand’s personality should be reflected in the color palette you choose for your website. For example, a brand that wants to convey trustworthiness and professionalism may choose a blue and white color palette, while a brand that wants to evoke excitement and playfulness may choose a bright and bold color palette.

  1. Consider your target audience

Different age groups, genders, and cultures may respond differently to certain colors. For example, research shows that women tend to prefer blue, purple, and green, while men tend to prefer blue, green, and black. It is important to consider your target audience’s preferences and cultural background when choosing a color palette for your website.

  1. Consider the website’s purpose

The purpose of your website can also influence your color palette. For example, a website that sells luxury products may choose a black and gold color palette to evoke elegance and sophistication, while a website that promotes eco-friendly products may choose a green color palette to convey a sense of sustainability and environmental awareness.

  1. Use color psychology to your advantage

As mentioned earlier, colors can evoke different emotions and feelings. Use this knowledge to influence users’ perception of your brand and encourage them to take certain actions. For example, using red for call-to-action buttons can create a sense of urgency and encourage users to take action.

  1. Use contrast to create hierarchy

Contrast can be used to create a visual hierarchy and guide users’ attention to important elements on the website. For example, using a bold color for headlines can make them stand out and draw users’ attention.

The psychology of color in web design is an important consideration for web agency Mauritius. At Web Agency Mauritius they can create a color palette that effectively communicates your brand’s message and encourages users to take action.






Web Development Agency Mauritius: Reasons Why You Need A Mobile- Friendly Website

These days you will see people every where in public areas browsing the web on their smart phone.  They usually use their phone to access the internet for a variety of  online activities. They can quickly search from the palm of their hand, instead of waiting until they are sitting at a computer.

More and more website owners are pursuing mobile-friendly responsive websites and mobile web development to make sure that their website is optimized  for smart phone display.

You need a mobile-friendly website merely because that is where the future of the web design is heading. With the increase number of people using the  smartphones, this is the new wave of connectivity that you must engage in. One aspect of a mobile-friendly website is that it loads quickly.


Mauritius Best Website Development Company

Mobile friendly-website is important because it boosts your  sales and conversions and also, mobile-friendly web design helps users to access a website easily. When a website is mobile-friendly, this allows users to interact and engage with your brand across devices, without any difficulties or worries.

Now that more and more customers are logging on from a variety of different devices and phones, it is crucial that your website can respond to the need of these new customers, and that the customers can get access to a website at any point, from any device.

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web design Mauritius

Web Design Mauritius in 2017

Web design is halfway between form and functionality. It is therefore logical that new trends are largely influenced by technology, be it devices, operating systems, browsers or program libraries available on the market. But the recent aspirations of today’s graphic designers go even further, they also influence the very principles and philosophies of design. Recent years have been marked by unprecedented technological advances, including:

The democratization of mobile phones

The appearance of integrated dynamic 3D interface (via WebGL) The adoption of HTML5, CSS3 and the rise of JavaScript frameworks. As well as the increase of the speed of internet download (on computer as on mobile).

Together, these technological advances have created a real turning point in the history of web design, particularly with the emergence of adaptive sites (“responsive” in English) and more generally, mobile oriented designs.

In terms of aesthetics, we cannot ignore the supreme reign of flat design, three years ago. Then it was Google’s turn to introduce Material Design to push us further towards abstract design. In 2017, we have seen that the trends bring us a little closer to reality: 2017 has been the year of hybrids, in forms as well as in colors or functionality, where technology and reality come together to create experience so far unequaled.

Without further ado, here are the 3 trends that we believe have wreaked havoc this year:

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Web Design Mauritius: Why create a website?

Creating a website is a powerful communication tool.

A website is a unique way to communicate with the world. So whether you have chosen to create a website to share your passion for music or animals, to make your company known to potential customers, to sell crafts or other items, there are no more barriers. With a site, a multitude of possibilities is offered to you.

The Internet is the ideal medium to reach a large audience at little cost.

A website gives you:

  • A business card of your company
  • A permanent and detailed advertisement
  • A facility open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Better reaction speed
  • Increased credibility

Mass media communication

Internet is the only communication medium where you can broadcast photos, music or videos. This ability makes it a rich and dynamic medium. Creating a website is an essential step in a company’s growth strategy. Today, the website has become a true communication tool and a powerful marketing tool.

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Why is it necessary to have a digital strategy?

Still too many companies are working without real digital strategy and are using digital tactically. Yet by doing so, they put themselves in danger. Having a digital strategy is not a luxury, but a necessary passage to success.

Why digital strategy?

The massive digitization of society has opened an era of unprecedented change. In just 15 years, everything has changed around us, and this is just the beginning. To succeed in developing and consolidating its activity in this permanently changing environment is anything but obvious.

Yes, digital creates extraordinary opportunities, and the field of possibilities seems very vast. Yes, it is possible to create digital companies which in a few years will become impossible to circumvent. Yes, it is possible to take advantage of digital to reinvent a model of ” A recent study by Capgemini Consulting shows that the most mature digital companies, called “digirati”, have, on average, a profitability of 26% more than their counterparts in the same sector and one Turnover of 9% higher.

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SEO PASO Mauritius

SEO Mauritius: PASO, the future of SEO?

What is PASO? This is the acronym for Personal Assistant Search Optimization or SEO for Personal Assistants.

Would the SEO be migrating to PASO?

We are witnessing a subtle, but persistent change in the world of the web. The phenomenon of voice search and personal assistants could greatly modify the field of SEO, but to what extent?

Personal assistants

Personal assistants are taking more and more place in everyday life.

They were already ubiquitous thanks to their integration in the systems of the smart phones. One can think of Siri, widely popular for its, sometimes, surprising answers, but also Cortana, Google Now and more.

Still, the personal assistants have taken a step further to settle in the houses with the arrival of Google Home and Alexa from Amazon. Moreover, the adoption of personal assistants has doubled in the United States between 2015 and 2016 according to a recent study by Parks Associates. The adoption of personal assistants is expected to continue with the addition of new features.

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SEO Mauritius: How to get position 0 on Google?

What’s better than taking first place on Google? Occupy position 0 of course! Position 0 corresponds to the information box that sometimes appears before the natural results for some queries. It offers a lot of visibility and attracts a lot of attention from the internet users. Here’s how to get position 0 on Google:

  1. Understanding Position 0

First, you need to know exactly what position 0 is. This Google content is called Answer Box or Featured snippet.

The Answer Box, as its name suggests, is an excerpt of a website’s content presented in a box that precedes natural results. This famous position 0 may include several types of information. Generally speaking, the extract from the site will normally serve to answer a question of the Internet user.

It gives a lot of visibility and credibility to the website and is therefore very popular with SEOs.

It is true that an important part of the Answer Box of position 0 contains information from Wikipedia. However, it is also possible for small sites to appear there.

  1. Analyze results to find opportunities

Not all results pages have an Answer Box in position 0. So, you must first identify the opportunities. Perform tests with your keywords to find Answer Boxes in which you might appear. Formulate questions in your queries that can help find them. Also pay attention to Google’s suggestions.

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Why should companies invest in SEO?



Nowadays, most companies know the wisdom behind investing into developing solid, SEO optimized web infrastructure that is search-engine friendly in order to successfully compete online. Having a solid and well-thought of SEO strategy is all but a necessity.

Given the engines’ continued improvement of their algorithm systems over time, companies have no other choices left than to invest into SEO to compete online.

In this jungle of investors and competitors, having the best product or services does not mean anything without visibility. In order to prove yourself, you have to be visible to the world. If a company does not invest into SEO, how will the world know what they have to offer?

Master planned SEO campaigns are the success factor for billion dollars companies. How a product or service went from an unknown status to a world known buzz can all be due to SEO.

“Search Engine Optimization is the advertising of the 21st century.”

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Search Engine Optimization: How to?


web-companies.com Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Basically, Search Engine Optimization or simply SEO is all about helping websites rank higher on the organic (or “natural) search results of search engines.

The higher the site ranks, the more visitors and hence the more customers you will get!

Search Engine optimization is the art of building a website in such a way so as to please both the customer and the search engine.

Why do we need Search Engine Optimization?

We live in an internet era in which consumers can tune through the surfeit of information. As matter of fact, 92% internet users use search engines on which a stunning amount of 100 Billion web searches are being carried out every month and 78 % buyers use search engines before buying their products.

Being visible on the internet will have no other effects than increasing your sales and hence your revenues.

Having good content, information, architecture, content management system and website infrastructure are ways of generating traffic on your website.

This is what exactly Search Engine Optimization is about.

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