Cloud Solutions

Manage and organize your cloud resources

Whatever your business or industry, we have a cloud solution for you.

Our cloud computing solutions provide on-demand services, commonly referred to as IaaS, PaaS or SaaS. One of their great advantages is extensive automation: you identify your needs, choose the most suitable service, place an order, and have it processed and delivered as quickly as possible. You can free yourself from hardware problems and dynamically control costs while reducing them.

VMware Private Cloud

With a private cloud, you can create, replicate, and bring all of your servers online from a single interface. In other words, you can create a highly available server farm with a load balancer, a virtual data center that you can use.

vSphere Dedicated Infrastructure
The infrastructure consists of a dedicated hardware environment with a virtualization layer.

You can manage multiple Virtual servers on top of a set of physical servers. This platform is dedicated to you and you are the only user.

Dedicated server
Power at the best price. With our company dedicated server offer, your company benefits from totally private hosting thanks to servers 100% dedicated to your use. We thus guarantee you the best quality-cost ratio for the hosting of your critical services.

Acronis Cloud Backup
Comprehensive backup and protection of all of your business data, whether stored on on-premises or remote systems, private/public clouds, mobile devices. Acronis backs up and restores any type of data.

100% managed solutions
You don’t have to worry about the material aspect.

No investment cost
In addition, you adapt your costs according to the evolution of your needs.

Speed ​​of delivery
Order, pay and start using our cloud services.