Online backup and restoration

WEB Cyber ​​Backup backs up your online data, including ransomware, virus and malware protection.

The loss of certain data can be fatal to your business. Automatically back up your company’s most sensitive data with WEB Cyber ​​Backup online backup and restore solution.

 In the event of disaster, breakdown, loss or theft, WEB Cyber ​​Backup allows you to recover your data and ensure a rapid return to business activities. Notarized Blockchain anti-ransomware technology powered by Acronis technology helps stop threats before they spread.

Protection for all workstations and servers in your company

Backups 100% secure and stored in France

Delivery in minutes
Strasbourg ultra-secure datacenter
Incremental backups
256-bit military encryption
All types of files and databases

WEB Cyber ​​Backup takes care of automatically backing up your important business files or documents to the cloud so you can restore them anytime, anywhere.

  • Securely back up all computer workstations and servers
  • Back up your files, email accounts, exchange accounts
  • Backup your data incrementally and to file
  • Choose the data to be backed up yourself

Protect your company’s Microsoft Cloud data
Secure and easy-to-use cloud-to-cloud backup helps you control your Microsoft data: it ensures GDPR compliance and quick access to backed up Microsoft 365 data.

Outsmart security threats
Manage user errors, intentional and accidental deletions, and ransomware attacks.

Stay compliant
Ensure regulatory compliance with retention policies and avoid data loss caused by subscription deactivations.

Ensure business continuity
Reduce costly recovery times and keep your business running smoothly with the fastest granular recovery.

Backup Microsoft Exchange Online emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, events, group mailbox, archived mailboxes and calendars. Quickly and easily recover all the data you need, including the ability to preview email content, download attachments, or send an email directly from backup.

Easily and securely back up entire teams, including team name, member list, channels, and content, as well as team mailboxes, meetings, and sites. You can quickly recover an entire team, team channel or file, team mailbox, folders and messages, and team meetings and sites.

OneDrive For Business
Back up files and folders for Microsoft OneDrive for Business and flexibly restore all necessary data, including access rights. To further streamline the recovery process, you can download files directly from the backup and use them immediately.

Microsoft Office SharePoint
Back up Microsoft SharePoint Online site collections, team sites, and communication sites, and all access rights settings. Granularly restore all critical items and download files directly from backup if needed.

Avoid business interruption with cybersecurity at a lower cost.

In partnership with Acronis, one of the world leaders in online backup:

WEB Cyber ​​Backup is a proven online backup solution that combines backup features with ransomware, virus and malware protection technologies. Integration and automation provide unparalleled protection, increasing productivity while lowering the total cost of your current protections.


Next Generation Cybersecurity
An adaptable solution to defend against modern cybersecurity threats.

Anti-malware, anti-ransomware and anti-virus
Protect your data, applications and systems against advanced cyberattacks.

Reliable backup and restore​
Disk-level and file-level backup, disaster recovery, and metadata collection for security investigations.

Integrated protection management
URL filtering, vulnerability assessments, patch management, and remote management are integrated and automated.

Minimize incidents and improve productivity

Eliminate complexity

The traditional stack of endpoint protection products lacks integration and takes much longer to manage: managing licenses, installing updates and patches, checking compatibility after updates, and managing multiple policies at using different user interfaces.

WEB Cyber ​​Backup offers a single agent, a single management interface and a single license, eliminating the complexity and risks associated with non-integrated solutions.

Minimize incidents

Traditional antivirus and backup solutions are not able to protect you against modern cyber threats. When not integrated with backups, anti-malware features are unable to detect threats present in a secondary copy. A backup that is not integrated with anti-malware features is vulnerable to ransomware encryption strains that disable and corrupt backups.

WEB Cyber ​​Backup leverages an AI-based threat detection engine and leverages backup data to improve detection rates. Integrating anti-malware features with backup allows service providers to automatically recover corrupted data. Backups are protected from attacks on the backup agent and files, ensuring data cleanliness.

Better protection with less effort

The protection capabilities of our partner Acronis are reliable and proven.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how much backup space I need?
The best way to determine this is to select the folders that you think are most critical and see how much space they take up on your disk. For example, you can select the “My Documents” folder, your program data folders, and any other data folders. The sum of the space occupied by these folders will give you an approximation of the space you need. You can then choose the appropriate pack.

What operating systems are supported?
This data backup and recovery suite is compatible with all Windows® / Linux® environments, VMware®, Microsoft®, Citrix®, Red Hat® and Oracle® hypervisors, and with Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint® and Active Directory®.

How long are my data kept?
Your backed up records are stored as long as your account balance is positive. All files in an account with billing issues or voluntarily deleted by the customer will be deleted from our online storage servers.

Is my saved data private?
Yes. When installing the backup client, you will need to enter an encryption key. This key is known ONLY to you. Without this key, the recovery of your data is impossible, even by our teams.

How does your solution work if I need to back up multiple workstations?
This is not a problem. You choose a storage pack for your entire IT fleet and will simply have separate licenses for each PC to be backed up.

What happens if my PC or phone is unusable?
In the event of a malfunction of your workstation, you will simply have to repair/replace the PC in question then download and reinstall the backup client. You can then restore all the data to the PC. You can also access your data from our web interface accessible from a browser.

What is the transfer speed of my files?
It depends on the internet connection used. It is important to note that a classic Internet connection will have a higher download speed than the speed of sending data.