How we work

It all starts with a strategy. Since we are a full-service web agency, we tend to adopt a truly integrated approach when it comes to managing to your project. By bringing together an electric mix of expertise and experience across web disciplines, we enable you to articulate your vision.

But first, we focus on understanding the aims, objectives and scope of your project to be able to craft digital solutions that can produce measurable results. Before we can set the goals for your web project, we carefully assess the competitive playing field, the players and the time available to change the game. We will size up your strengths and help you identify opportunities for a unique, innovative and winning strategy. Once this is done, we then apply our knowledge to evaluate, select and implement the most effective pathway, from design to development, to online marketing, to hosting and maintenance. Our strategy is iterative and continues to develop as your needs evolve.

Getting to know your company

Before proposing a solution to your needs, we first listen, learn and ask questions. From you, we would require the following information: 

  • What is your business about?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What is the competition?
  • The visions and ideas you wish to express through the project

The goals and values you want to achieve for that project

Once the research phase is over, we start brainstorming till we come up with an initial concept

Designing process

During the design process, our designer works his magic to transform your site plan into a real design. It is worth noting that for all projects; the design is made compliant by Search engine Optimization (SEO) norms. And for those projects concerned by online marketing, the site plan is made based on your keywords list. We summon all of our design and SEO know-how to create a website that not only works, but drives traffic and provides a great user experience.

The feedback you provide drives the design process. Before jumping to the development stage, we make sure that every single detail has your approval.

Development Process

The development team works on creating the website in fluid and adaptive code. They segment the designs into HTML and CSS code which is then integrated into a content management system (CMS platform). Rigorous testing is performed to ensure that the website is robust, user-friendly and secure. Compatibility and responsiveness are assured by our developers.

Support and Maintenance

If you choose us, you are choosing a sustainable approach. We will provide you with a dedicated team for support, on-going maintenance and on-the-spot fixes and modifications as and when you need them, to be included in an SLA. We remain open to the development of additional features and refinement of the project over time.