vSphere Dedicated Infrastructure

The best of cloud meets the best of dedicated environments.

Our purpose-built vSphere infrastructure offerings provide all the performance and security guarantees for your virtual infrastructure.

What is vSphere Dedicated Cloud?

A vSphere private infrastructure is based on a dedicated physical hardware environment with a virtualization layer. Therefore, you can manage multiple virtual servers (VMs) on top of a set of physical servers. This platform is dedicated to you and you are the only user. The most common cloud is the public cloud, which stores a large number of applications from different companies in one physical environment, with each application isolated in a “virtual machine”. However, for many applications, the functional limitations of the public cloud can be prohibitive, making it difficult to transition from a dedicated environment.

The vSphere private cloud, the ideal platform to virtualize your applications with confidence.

Server virtualization
Your server resources are virtualized, so you can group them into logical pools allowing them to be allocated to multiple workloads.

Network Services
Network services optimized for the virtual environment, with simplified administration and management functions.

High efficiency storage
Reducing the complexity of backend storage systems to optimize storage utilization in cloud computing infrastructures.

Cloud API integration
You can choose how your cloud environment is consumed.

Dedicated secure infrastructure
Your company benefits from totally private hosting thanks to an infrastructure and servers 100% dedicated to your site. We guarantee you a completely private and secure accommodation.

Enhanced security
Your data and applications are protected thanks to the baremetal server virtualization platform (installed directly on the hardware) offering the highest level of security on the market.

High availability
To maximize the uptime of your cloud computing infrastructure: unplanned downtime is reduced and planned downtime for server and storage maintenance is completely eliminated.

Consistent Automation
Repetitive tasks are streamlined with accurate and repeatable solutions from the VSphere Private Infrastructure. Your operating costs and risk of error are thus reduced.

Infrastructure flexibility
Increase server utilization and reduce environmental impact by consolidating your server hardware with vSphere private infrastructure. Your business can increase the utilization rate of existing hardware from 5% to 80%.

Reduced operating costs
Lower your capital and operating costs while improving IT service delivery without being enslaved by a limited choice of operating systems, applications, and hardware.

Associated with VMware virtualization technologies, the WEB Companies group offers you the “4 S” of high availability hosting.

The high availability functions of the vSphere Dedicated Infrastructure allow automatic restart to another server in the event of a problem and have a dynamic migration of virtual machines which prevents saturation of processors and memories.

For end-to-end quality assurance (IP transit, network connectivity), we offer a full range of solutions: point-to-point optical fiber, guaranteed speed SDSL, access redundancy, CDN network, load balancing.

Your security settings are fully supported by our vSphere Private Infrastructure solutions hosted in our 3 Datacenters and allow you to ensure the implementation of your DRP.

Your VMs can be fully isolated from each other, grouped together in a VPN, and if necessary inaccessible from the outside. You have a backup and restore management console.

Our vSphere Private Infrastructure solutions allow a very detailed configuration of each element of the Datacenter and make it possible to control their costs and their evolution over time.

You have centralized monitoring and administration. Update operations are performed in 1 click on all your VMs, as are VM creation, duplication or live move operations without service interruption.

100% secure hosting in our Datacenters in France
We believe that it is important to have a completely redundant and distributed infrastructure in order to be able to offer our customers optimum availability and performance of their service.

Our Datacenter equipment is all located in France in order to offer maximum security to your data.

With a redundant infrastructure, 3 datacenters located in France and a network of N x 10 Gb/s to meet the most important requirements, the WEB Companies group ensures complete confidentiality of the data hosted on our datacenters.