eTenders and eSourcing for the public sector

eMarketPlace for the public sector is a state of the art online eMarket Place platform for eTenders and eSourcing. Also known as ‘Dématérialisation des Marchés’ in French, online public tenders are now possible in Reunion and France with APC, a WEB Companies group company.

The solutions we offer allow authorizing administrations and qualified companies to reduce the costs of printing, photocopying, postage as well as ensuring 50% reduction in the processing time of a tender. We offer modular solutions that complement the exchange of legal documents as it is in the interest of the administration and the company to maintain the flow of public buying paperless so as to fully optimize their funds.

E – Archivage

Archiving your electronic data securely

APC IT in collaboration with Omniklés offers ASP’s Electronic safe solution that enables customers to give probative value to all their documents, stored in one of the biggest electronic bunker in Europe.