The 360 Agency

WEB companies, since its creation in 1995, is still the leading web agency in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. The agency provides companies with complete digital solutions adapted to their organization. We develop innovative websites and applications for our clients.

Our strong technical experience, acquired over the years, allows us to tackle all types of digital projects, from the most classic to the most complex. However, this technical background is not enough to develop good projects. The starting point for all our collaborations is a good understanding of our clients’ environment and their overall strategy. We design and implement specific digital strategies so that our clients achieve their long-term digital and commercial objectives.
WEB Companies offers companies a complete in-house service (not subcontracted):

  • Assistance in all stages of website creation;
  • Help in developing the SEO strategy as well as digital communication for the website;
  • Training dedicated to getting started with your website.

Our web agency is made up of different experts: web designers, project managers, web developers, web editors, analytics consultants, SEO consultants, etc. Everyone collaborates to create a tailor-made website, based on your needs and objectives. Our team size and our processes allow us to intervene and offer solutions quickly. This responsiveness is highly appreciated by our customers, and we will continue to ensure it!