The notification phase is often due to rupture of dematerialization flow in a public market. Thanks to the electronic registered mail, the administration may submit a notification of grant or rejection officially because it keeps a legally admissible evidence of good reception.

Electronic reporting is managed by OK-MAIL module, electronic post office. It allows to distribute and retrieve emails or sign calling card. In a public market, trade with the candidates can be made through this application upon notification phase.

The commitments

APC IT / Omniklés guarantees a secure and compliant archiving that offers easily accessible and honest information. Thanks to its robust structure and advanced technology, Ok Omnikles Archive commits itself to not losing any documents and guarantees:

  • The sustainable conservation and integrity of electronic documents
  • The inability to edit an archived document
  • The easy, instant and full restitution of archived electronic documents
  • The absolute security of storage places
  • The stability of its performance Immediate and constant response time

E-signature book

The signature book is an essential element in the development of e-government in France and Europe. It keeps electronic document management system and business flow paperless.

Validation and execution of all types of documents can be managed by OK-initialed Omnikles module, an electronic signature. It allows the creation of validation circuits and an electronic signature. It is through the electronic signature that the user authenticates electronic documents that become storable in an electronic archive with probative value.


In May 2012, CertEurope, specializing in e-trust services for professionals, integrated the Oodrive Group.

Digital certificates, electronic signature, timestamp, paperless solutions …

We now offer companies and regulated professions (clerks of the Commercial Courts, Lawyers, Bailiffs …), solutions that secure online access, ensure the traceability of exchanges, the integrity of documents and their probative value. These applications can be customized and are easily integrated into the information systems of corporate clients, either as “security bricks” strengthening trust, or as complete solutions for securing digital exchanges.