VMware private cloud, your virtual datacenter

Cloud VIP

Flexibility, high availability, security
Whether your company is an SME/SMI or a large client, and whatever your field of activity, we have a cloud solution adapted to your needs. Easy to configure, our private cloud solutions are delivered ready to use. With just a few clicks, you can benefit from the cloud solution best suited to your business needs.

Virtualization is an essential element of the performance of the computing environment. VMware vCloud is the benchmark software solution for dynamically managing your computing power and storage needs to better orchestrate your virtual servers. With support from WEB Companies, mastering this tool will accelerate your ability to manage virtual data centers.

Easy to deploy
Create your VM in a few clicks, simply convert your physical server into a virtual server.

Consolidate your servers, automate your deployments and radically reduce your IT budgets.

Increase the resources of your Private Cloud in a few clicks and without service interruption.

Benefit from a secure, high availability and fully redundant cloud infrastructure.

High Availability Hosting
Our VMware Private Cloud offer is based on the latest VMware vCloud Director technologies.

It is designed to provide you with a flexible and robust solution that allows you to instantly add hardware, software or capacity resources (Servers, CPU, RAM, IP, storage, bandwidth, etc.).

Your entire hosted infrastructure scales in near real-time to meet your business needs.

High availability
WEB Companies guarantees you an availability rate of your infrastructure greater than 99.9%.

Fast Provisioning
The fast-provisioning feature saves time by using linked clones for VM provisioning operations.

Instant delivery and upgrade
WEB Companies provides you with your VMware Private Cloud instantly after your order. Your Private Cloud upgrade operations are also carried out immediately in order to offer you maximum flexibility.

Access to a public catalog of pre-installed VMs / vApps
You have access to a public catalog of virtual machines and vApps pre-installed on your Private Cloud allowing you to speed up the deployment of your applications.

Ability to create your private vApps catalog
You can create a template based on one of your VMs, and then deploy other VMs with the same configuration in minutes.

OVF standard used for VMs / vApps
You have the option of directly importing your virtual machines and vApps into vCloud Director using the OVF standard.

Unlimited Private Cloud Administration Panel Users
You can create an unlimited number of users and administrators to manage your Private Cloud.

All features available in one environment

Built-in firewall
Availability rate above 99.9%
Unified Interface
Up to 64 IPSEC VPNs
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Dynamic CPU/RAM load management + Supported OVF standard
Secure data replication
Load balancing
A la carte services according to needs

Data Backup Option – VMware Private Cloud

With the backup option for vCloud, you can easily restore a virtual machine to a known good state in minutes. You can also perform the operation yourself, without having to install software, make calls or follow complex manual procedures.

Backup for vCloud works with VMware vCloud Director to authenticate users and view your virtual applications (vApps) and virtual machines. From a very easy-to-use web interface, you can schedule backups or initiate restore of your virtual machines.

Self-service management for administrators of your vCloud Organization:

A simple web interface that requires no deployment.

  • Military grade encryption for backups and routing
  • Restore files and directories to the DropBox (downloadable zip)
  • VM restore (with or without overwriting)
  • Reports including number of VMs backed up, total size of VMs backed up, total amount of RAM/CPU of VMs backed up, total size of backup

WEB Companies’ private cloud infrastructure

Built on the latest generation of Dell Blade servers, each server benefits from multiple dedicated 10Gbit links in an N+1 environment for both storage and network connectivity.

WEB Companies has selected this range of Dell equipment specially designed for heavy-load Cloud Computing applications. Intel Nehalem E5645 processors provide these high-end business servers with very high computing performance.

But the nerve center of any cloud platform is above all its storage infrastructure. This is why at WEB Companies we only use very high-performance NetApp storage arrays.

Configured in a high-availability cluster, our Active/Active controllers with FlashPool® functionality help us make the difference and guarantee you the most efficient infrastructure.