VMware Managed Virtual Server

The VMware Virtual Server offers the performance of a dedicated server with the flexibility of the Cloud.

vCloud High Availability (HA)
Resizing your servers on the fly
Firewall appliance included
24/7 maintenance and monitoring
Guaranteed resources
Deploy in minutes

High Availability VMware Virtual Server with Magic Online.

VMware virtual servers are efficient and reliable servers delivered “on demand”. They are fully configurable to suit your needs and budget.

 You no longer have to manage the hardware side of your server! Simply choose the amount of CPU, RAM and storage as well as the operating system and its version. If resource requirements increase, you can easily increase resources in the client area.

Offers of virtual servers fully managed by our technicians.

Plesk outsourcing contract option

  • Delivery of the server with a Control Panel Plesk Pro license (30 domains)
  • Administration of your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Hardware and software monitoring of your server (Ping + probes)
  • Detailed supervision of your business services
  • GTI / GTR hardware and software: 1h / 4h
  • Unlimited access to level 1 support (tickets, phone)
  • Access 2 hours per month to level 2 support (operation)
  • “Tailor-made” outsourcing contract option
  • Contact our sales advisors to define the offer best suited to your needs