Drupal is a Content Management Software (CMS) to organise, update and present a website.

Advantages of using Drupal

Every CMS is so different, but still, they all publish and manage content. Drupal stands out as the most powerful, here’s why:


This is probably the main benefit of using Drupal as CMS, it is loaded with a lot of functionalities like, polls management, graphic modification tool, user management controls, advanced menu management and much more.


As an Open Source CMS, Drupal gives you the possibility to create your own plugins. In addition to that, there are thousands of plugins available for free download.

Content types

Whether your content is polls, videos, podcasts, blogs or statistics, Drupal allow you to create and manage many content types.

Graphic Management

Drupal’s script includes the ability of design elements editing. There are also a whole lot of themes and templates that can serve up as a good start.