Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled experience & expertise

Our experience in the web sphere is unrivaled. With over 1000 thousands websites under our belt, it is unlikely you are going to find a more qualified web agency in the whole Indian Ocean. We take great pride in the expertise of each team member, whether it is web design, web development, online marketing or support. WEB experts focus on crafting original pieces of art for each website, investing the required time and research to come up with a unique solution. No effort is spared to make you stand out from your direct competitors and create a brand awareness that engages your audience. With a robust portfolio of reputable clients across, almost all sectors, it is our years of knowledge and experience that we bring to the table when discussing and planning new projects.

One stop shop providing the latest digital solutions.

We provide an array of digital solutions, all under one roof. Our comprehensive range of digital solutions will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on growing your business. We understand that you are business owners, managers with various responsibilities, wearing multiple hats every day. So our role is to smoothen the process as much as possible. Our team of specialists will ensure that your business gets found and is represented in the best way possible, bringing the latest and most effective digital solutions right to your door.

We’re happy to work with you across all of our services in a way that’s right for you. If however you’re more interested in engaging us for one particular service, that’s ok too! 

We deliver what we say on time and within budget. Nothing like ordering a chicken but getting an egg. It won’t happen with WEB. We will spare you any surprises, getting you exactly what we agreed to. We remain transparent in our dealing from the initial proposal to set expectations and reach goals until launching. Each phase of the project is structured within a set time frame and budget.

We will bring energy and focus to your team

From the moment you choose us, we consider ourselves to be your collaborators, your partner. Together, we will design solutions that digitally address your business needs. What do we bring to your team? Robust experience, we bring along our expert team who has worked with design, code and the internet since its infancy. We bring along collaboration: our business is to merge people, technology and creativity. We make life easier for you. We understand that your website should be a valuable asset to your organization. In this regard, we develop websites that make your life easier. From automated services messages to ecommerce platforms, we ensure that your website integrates automatically with your customer database. We deliver simple to use systems that allow you to manipulate content easily. We build to last. 

We integrate basic SEO strategies

Whether you are taking the SEO package or not, we integrate basic search engine optimization strategies onto your website. In our opinion, having a dynamic website is useless if your customers cannot find you online. For a good optimization of your website, we apply Meta description integration, generic page title strategy, creation of custom ALT tags and analytics script integration from the development stage itself.