Joomla is a mobile-ready and user-friendly content management system (CMS), to build websites and powerful online applications. It is a complete content management system. From simple blogging to more complex websites Joomla maneuvers perfectly and that with a remarkable ease-of-use.

Media manager

Media files or folders can be easily managed by the media manager of Joomla. Uploading and managing files has never been easier and Joomla can handle files of any type.

Where Joomla excels


There is support for international world languages and UTF-8 encoding. Furthermore, languages can be adjusted to match everyone’s needs, for example, the administrator panel can be in one language and the website’s contents can be in another.


With Joomla it is really easy to update content on your website with minimal effort. Add new pages, write new articles with Media, polls and many other features become a breeze.