Web Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a popular way to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. We have enumerated the benefits of outsourcing the hosting infrastructure of your company.

We’ll look at different outsourcing models, such as LVl. 1, LVl. 2,  LVl. 3 and LVl. 4 and how to choose the right outsourcing partner. Additionally, we’ll cover the hosting platform features including in the technical support provided.

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WEB Companies offers solution architect services to advise you on your infrastructure projects (Internet access, cloud hosting, security, etc.)

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Fields of intervention of our architects

  • Systems and Networks Expertise
  • Design and optimize your production platform
  • Solve your scale problems (heavy traffic, big data)
  • Review architecture performance to identify blocking factors
  • Free yourself from the complexity of migration
  • Develop your security and disaster recovery strategy
  • ……There is a lot more!

Web Outsourcing

Who should you outsource your infrastructure to?

Outsourcing web infrastructure is a tricky business best left to the experts. WEB Companies has been managing hosting infrastructure for over 25 years and a team of experts are on hand to discuss your project.

How to choose an infrastructure outsourcing company?

Delegating this task to someone who is not the main business could be a costly option for your business. The two main selection criteria we recommend are the experience and reputation of your partner.

Why delegate your outsourcing?

It is sometimes difficult to recruit qualified staff internally:

  • Manage and maintain operations on IS, servers and business applications, whether physical or virtual infrastructure such as web applications
  • Optimize infrastructure functionality and efficiency
  • Perform technical observations and necessary updates
  • Power failure support to ensure data security
  • Check the accessibility and security of your systems and websites, as well as critical content
  • Implement an effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to minimize system downtime and unavailability” → “Propose a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to reduce downtime and system downtime.
  • In addition, these resources must be able to rely on themselves in sufficient numbers to ensure 24/7 monitoring and avoid problems affecting the smooth running of the business. ” → “It is necessary to be able to rely on sufficient resources to ensure continuous monitoring in order to avoid problems that can affect the continuity of your activity.

WEB Companies, a team of outsourcing specialists

WEB Companies has been carrying out daily outsourcing follow-up missions for more than 25 years for important and demanding clients.

Whatever your activity or the size of your company, our outsourcing solutions adapt to your needs.

Our technical team supports you over the long term in maintaining your infrastructures in operational condition and in defining and implementing upgrades.

Our engineers rely on our hosting platforms, so you will benefit from the latest generation servers, high-performance Netapp storage solutions and all the advantages of a High Availability infrastructure. Scalable, our devices will be able to adapt to your changing needs.

The investments and constraints related to the operation as well as the maintenance of such an infrastructure will no longer be the responsibility of your teams.

In addition, we will be able to advise you and outsource your AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms integrated into your infrastructures. We have strong skills in these areas and know how to make the most of the possibilities of the Hybrid Cloud.

Combine your servers and your services with outsourcing adapted to the management of your applications.

We offer four levels of outsourcing service:

Lvl. 1 – Standard

You keep full control and control of your infrastructure.

Lvl. 2 – Oversight

You have additional probes for advanced monitoring of your platform.

Lvl. 3 – Plesk outsourcing

WEB Companies takes full responsibility for the control and management of your infrastructure.

Lvl. 4 – Tailor-made

In addition to level 3 services, a la carte outsourcing for your critical business applications.


You keep full control and control of your infrastructure.

WEB Companies ensures the material and network availability of your services through supervision probes, and contacts you as soon as an alert is raised (non-response to Pings) in order to proactively manage the incident. If the failure is material, we replace the faulty elements as soon as you confirm the material failure; on the contrary, if the problem is of software origin, we entrust you with the necessary corrective measures.

This level also includes:

Access to level 1 technical support.

A guaranteed intervention time (GTI) of 4 hours.


You also retain full control and mastery of your software infrastructure.

In addition to the monitoring elements of the previous level, more than ten monitoring probes are configured on the monitoring device. The latter ensure hardware checks (CPU, RAM, Disk, RAID, etc.) and the proper functioning of your applications* (Web server, emails, Database, etc.).

This level allows you to be notified of an incident (subject to providing us with a contact: name – telephone – email) and to be able to take the necessary measures by having more useful information available. As an option**, a system engineer can issue an advanced software diagnosis, or even support the partial or complete resolution of the incident.

This level also includes:

Access to level 1 technical support.

Total supervision 24/7 (Hardware, Network, Software).

1 hour of access to Level 2 support upon commissioning. (System administrator).

A response time guarantee (GTI) of 2 hours in working hours.

* Technical feasibility study required on non-catalog products. ** Subject to having a time credit and activating the option from your customer area.

99.9% SLA guarantee on the entire chain: system, network, outsourcing, etc.

Detailed supervision of your business applications.

Disaster & Recovery procedure.

Documentation of your infrastructure in our IS.

Quality control and testing of your infrastructure.

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