SEO Web Design

There is a basic distinction between Search Engine Optimization and SEO Web Design. Quite simply, SEO is defined as a continuing process that should be continuously performed. SEO, however, entails SEO Web Design at the outset, which is the process of properly structuring and programming a website through a series of on page optimization techniques, and should always take place prior to the ongoing work such as landing page creation, link building (expertise), continuous code & content optimization, search engine submission, and other techniques which define the broader parent category of Search Engine Optimization.

The best way to describe the difference between the two is to imagine SEO Web Design as the process of engineering and constructing a highly state of the art plane, taking it to the airport, and flying it. In contrast, ongoing SEO is equal to not only building the plane, but also staying on board to staff and maneuver the plane in the air.

At web, we have the right pilots to maneuver your plane. If you do not want to crash, simply trust Web.